CASUAL SUPER Fightstick Art

Featuring my OCs Penny and her live-in girlfriend Grace, created for my personal MayFlash F500 fightstick; there are a few things I’d tweak but I’m still thrilled with the final result. This was the first time I’d fully rendered an image with lighting in Blender for the background of a piece, instead of taking screenshots and tracing it over.

As an experiment I made my own crowd sprites; 20 models with 2 additional palettes each. I was heavily inspired by Dragon Ball FighterZ, which has an arena stage and a sold-out crowd featuring animal people of various shapes and sizes. (Their arena design featured bench-style rows which ended up being much more practical for an audience of varying sizes than my arena, which has rows broken up into big and non-big sections.)

Additionally, the ads in the background (can you tell I was inspired by the Mandalay Bay arena, where EVO is typically held?) are all original designs. (The more obscured billboards were filled out for lighting purposes, since they’re all emissive textures that affect lighting in a PBR-based render.)