Red Pandroid Ref Sheet

So, here’s an incredible compliment: I was commissioned recently by RedPandroid to make a robosona in the exact style of my own, with a couple of new features to accommodate her ideas and concerns about the notion of a permanent body transfer. It was an amazing experience that I found personally validating to why I switched to a robosona in the first place, and though commissions are often stressful to me, I’d do another one like this in a heartbeat.

Also, just a general PSA: Anyone who’d like to make a fursona in a similar style has every right to do so. (And yes, this includes the wild scenario where synthetic bodies like these are made technologically possible and accessible to regular people.) The Prime Prosthetics branding is off-limits, but they’re not a closed species by any measure of the term; just be sure to show it to me after you’ve done it so I can get a quick, delicious ego boost. ( <3 )

Strawberry Zephyr (Rita/Parker Couple Stuff)

Drew a cute interspecies couple a few days ago, and decided to actually color and shade it! Left: Rita (she/her), right: Parker (they/them). I’d like to draw them doing more sweet, positive couple-y things (under the title I’ve subtly inserted into this piece), but only after my plate of Art To Do gets a little less full.

Commission: We Now Request Your Full Attention For This Important Safety Demonstration

Ah, a picture I drew! Dex is a very good friend, as you might guess, and it warmed my heart to find they were satisfied with the work I did here. They wrote a very nice description, which you can find here.

(Aside: I severely doubt a real-world Tarah would actually be strong enough to lift an average-height adult humanoid into a fireman’s carry; I attribute this unforgivable error to commissioner’s license, ofc.)

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