Meanwhile, In The Box Art… (2017)

Meanwhile, In The Box Art...

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Meanwhile, In The Box Art...
drawn (reverently, I promise) by m. tarah henry (@lobst) 2017

(In the video game "Chrono Trigger", Crono slashes his flaming sword at the vile Heckran...)

(...which is surprised by the attack! it's a fatal blow!)

(the Heckran explodes into ash, while Crono and Marle do their victory poses...)

(...and chat casually afterwards, in front of the pile of ash.)

(They notice something, and turn to the camera.)

(They're looking at Frog, who is clearly not having a good time.)

(He sheathes his sword, and says...)
FROG: Let us depart.

(He walks between Crono and Marle, as they look confused.)

MARLE: Something wrong, Frog?
FROG: rrrgh...

FROG: ...Remind me, why was madam Lucca not chosen for this journey?
MARLE: Because we needed someone with water magic to counteract my fire. You know that!

FROG: And thou art certain sir Robo wouldst not have proven equally as useful? Nor miss Ayla?

(Marle gestures at the buildings behind her. Frog is not amused.)
MARLE: I suppose, but then we'd have to buy them cold-weather outfits at the peaceful-looking modern village behind us!

FROG: Hmph. That dost not explain why thou hath decided to prepareth ME for such an excursion to begin with...
MARLE: Aw, come on, Frog! We'd never have made it this far without you. Your skills are valuable!

FROG: (turns ominously toward camera) Oh? Valuable enough...

FROG: (gestures toward wilderness) ...that on this day's mission to these FROZEN WASTES...

FROG: (gestures toward self) sought the company of the ONLY COLD-BLOODED PERSON YOU KNOW?

CRONO: (raises hand) Actually, I have a theory about Ozzie--