Oh wow, I guess lobst made one of those bingo cards (2017)

Oh wow, I guess lobst made one of those bingo cards

↓ Transcript
Oh wow, I guess lobst made one of those bingo cards

B-1: (sparkling water label, reading STORE BRAND LA CROIX)
I-1: (rei aware of the sensation of clothes hitting her body) SUDDENLY AWARE OF IDLE TOUCH
N-1: (tarah and M.T., with arrows labeled "me" pointing to each) POST-FURRY
G-1: (word balloons, reading:) Different accounts; Different VOICES...
O-1: WOULD DATE AN ("ELCOR" in mass effect logo font) IRL

B-2: (M.T. in Night in The Woods-ish art style, thinking:) IS THIS REAL LIFE?
I-2: (back of T-shirt, reading:) I'd rather be listening to SMOOTH (jazz)
N-2: (shot of piles of graphic T-shirts, surrounding the words:) "gray rock" non-binary
G-2: (shot of manga speed lines pointing at:) All Lines Converge @ CROTCH
O-2: (maddy nervously laughing to herself) INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS

B-3: (omicron saying "hiya!" underneath:) 'BOLD & beautiful
I-3: (microsoft excel spreadsheet, reading:) In LOVE With Lists
N-3: (shot of deep space with a light visible) free
G-3: (maddy looking exasperated in the middle of a crowd) "The humans are out today..."
O-3: (a bulbasaur steering a car in the style of OMC's "How Bizarre" music video, enthusiastically shouting) Bulbasaur!

B-4: (N-3's light being launched off a planet) please eject me into space
I-4: (a sphere of humanoid figures with tails) My fursonae are LEGION
N-4: (tarah holding a hand up to nervously block a spotlight) DON'T LOOK AT ME
G-4: (undertale logo font) WEIRD FEELINGS ABOUT UNDERTALE
O-4: (overlaid on Gin Blossoms' "New Miserable Experience" album cover): 1 album on repeat for months on end

B-5: (M.T. looking up at someone) yes, i'm (looks at hand) ...proguctive
I-5: (shot of book with Gillian saying "LOL IDK" on the cover) Being A Person for ANXIETY CASES
N-5: (svetlana caught unaware, looking back at camera, saying "Wh--") Self-insert Protagonist
G-5: (silhouette of xbox 360 kinect atop TV) KINECT ESPORTS