Vinnie O’Shea Ref Sheet

After being worn out by commissions I decided to put my all into drawing something for myself, and now I have a brand new OC, as well as a new design method for humanoid animal species.

(“What about Elise, your existing frog character used in various lewd works?” I don’t have any specific plans to draw her again, but if I did, she would unquestionably look like this now)

Pure Victory

For BLFC this year I decided to focus on staying comfortable and setting attainable productivity goals! This resulted in me actually making a full-color picture for the first time in months; this was produced from start to finish in MediBang Paint on my phone. ?️

Sketch: FoRC 2018 Cast Revision

Today, for fun, I decided to recast and redraw the cast for Fauna of Ross Creek, my 2010-2011 webcomic! List of changes:

  • Oliver and America are out; they were based on IRL friends I drifted apart from well over half a decade ago
  • Rich is now a sea turtle; Grace (as previously seen here and on my other galleries) is a llama. Lobster characters still exist in my world – just, y’know, elsewhere.
  • New characters: Mitra (a female harbor porpoise) and Rune (a null lappet-faced vulture). Rune and Teila are in a relationship.

This is all because I recently realized I haven’t done anything with my OCs for quite a while, and I think that might be a contributing factor to the lack of inspiration/creativity I’ve been feeling lately. If I ever decide to reboot and attempt to finish FoRC with this slightly-new cast, it’ll be done entirely using 3D models and – despite that – it will feature visual art that looks significantly less Muppety than the original did.

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