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Hello! My name is m. tarah henry, though I’ve also been known online as tarah brandier or “lobst”. My pronouns are exclusively they/them. I am transgender, non-binary, and on the asexuality spectrum. I am also life-partnered to Phen, and we live under the same roof in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. My political beliefs are firmly (exclusively) left-wing.

I’ve been active in online artwork since my teenage years. All of my work these days is done exclusively in free/open-source software: mainly Krita, Aseprite, and Blender, and all in Linux Mint; I do this in part because tablet drivers are built into the Linux kernel, and partly because I’ve been locked into upgrade paths by paid software before; this has happened numerous times in a variety of fields, and I’d greatly prefer to avoid it happening in the future.

I pay for and moderate scalie.club, a Mastodon server for myself and a few mutual friends. I do this because I believe it’s important to communicate in ad-free spaces with transparent funding models whenever possible. If we follow each other someplace, let me know if you’d like an account!

EMAIL: tarah@lobstworks.com


One of the best free ways for anyone to support me is to subscribe to my art/writing through RSS or some other service, to boost/retweet/reblog my artwork, or to circulate it among friends (on the off-chance the subject comes up naturally). If you’ve already done that (or would like to contribute in other ways), I accept donations through these services:

Patreon | itch.io | Ko-fi | Square Cash

Since I have a long history of anxiety problems, please only make unsolicited payments to me as compensation for work I’ve already completed, not as a promise of work that may come. I do occasionally take personal commissions, but only after terms and conditions have been discussed in advance; expect a full-color full-body portrait (sans background) to run you $80 American. For this (or any other contract work), email me for details.

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Unless otherwise noted, all creative works featured on this website are by m. tarah henry.
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