Hello; my name is m. tarah henry; I have also referred to myself as madeline henry, tarah brandier, and @lobst. My gender is blank; I prefer they/them pronouns whenever possible; I am transgender, white, and in my early thirties; I am life-partnered to Phenwah, and live in Northwestern Oregon in the United States.


Gift Art


Contact info:

Email: tarah@lobstworks.com
Mastodon: @lobst@scalie.club
Mastodon (private): @lobstthe2nd@scalie.club
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPo_8-P7VhX24xDO6ZZm9qA
Tumblr: @lobstthe2nd
Tumblr (reblogs): @lobststhirdreblogblog
Xbox LIVE: lobst
Nintendo Switch: SW-7002-5129-9332
Playstation Network: boreyoutodeath

Payment info:

Square Cash: https://cash.me/$lobst
Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/lobstworks
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lobst
Paypal: https://paypal.me/lobst

I take commissions under very limited circumstances. I no longer draw sexually explicit work for pay. If you’d like to make an offer for a personal commission, one flat color image of a single character and no background starts at $75, so please bear that in mind when anticipating my quote. For this, or any other contract work, email me for details.

I have run a tiny Mastodon instance, scalie.club, since May of 2017. I run this service instead of just having a Twitter or Facebook account because I believe there are problems evident in running social networks as for-profit ventures, and I’d like to provide an alternative. Accounts on scalie.club are limited to people I mutually follow on other services, or on Mastodon itself; if you qualify, feel free to send an email.

My polticial beliefs generally line up with media antagonists who believe in dismantling the status quo and redistributing the wealth of the rich in favor of providing reparations to the marginalized, giving everyone basic services, saving the environment, and otherwise helping literally everyone. (For some reason, said antagonists apparently think the natural first step in accomplishing these goals is by becoming mass-murderers; I am personally against that, just IMO.)

About my creative works:

Since 2015, most of my stories have taken place in a world with three common sexes. The third common sex, the “null sex”, is a vestigial evolutionary trait, defined in humans by having a flat chest, wide hips, and no reproductive anatomy whatsoever. It exists in my works mostly as an excuse to write and draw characters in a society where my ideal body type and gender presentation are a commonplace and accepted part of everyday American life.

Additionally, nearly all my works feature animal people in one way or another. This is because I think they look nice and are fun to draw. I consider myself part of the furry community, but I have no active FurAffinity site.


My computer is a pieced-together desktop PC (AMD Ryzen 1700/RX 580) in a Fractal Design Core 500 case; I also have an Acer Aspire E5-573G for portable computing. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8; I have a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet, a Pentel Twist-Erase III pencil, an 11×17 clipboard, and a Luna Tattoo concert ukulele.


I run Linux Mint as my main OS, and Windows 10 only for recording video or playing 3D-intensive Steam/Origin games. Art on my PC is drawn in Krita and Aesprite with the XSetWacom driver; 3D models are modeled in Blender. I program Monogame code in MonoDevelop and occasionally mess around in PICO-8. For music, I use Audacity, LMMS, and Beaterator, and for art on my phone, I use Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

I no longer use (but still recommend) GameMaker Studio, Colors! 3D, Paint Tool SAI, and Clip Studio Paint EX.

Albums on repeat:

Adrian Talens – Poly Bridge OST
Barenaked Ladies – Stunt
Brett Bixby – City Lights
Carly Rae Jepsen – E·MO·TION
Decemberists – Five Songs EP
Fastball – All The Pain Money Can Buy
George & Jonathan – Beautiful Lifestyle
GENTLE LOVE – Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies, Vol. 1 and Fight For Your Dreams
Gin Blossoms – New Miserable Experience
Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams
Jake Shimabukuro – Gently Weeps
James Hardway – A Positive Sweat
Jeff Kashiwa – Play
Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend
Mother Hips – Kiss the Crystal Flake
Pearl Jam – Ten
Richard Jacques – Sonic R and Metropolis Street Racer
Rippingtons – Modern Art and Weekend In Monaco
Shaimus – The Sad Thing Is, We Like It Here
Toad the Wet Sprocket – P.S.: A Toad Retrospective
Toby Fox – Undertale Soundtrack
Ulrich Schnauss – A Strangely Isolated Place
Wallflowers – Bringing Down The Horse
Zedd – Clarity