An M. T. House: “Stalled” (2019)

An M. T. House: Stalled

↓ Transcript
(Reeve is drawing on a clipboard.)

(Reeve suddenly hesitates, with a surprised expression on their face.)

(Reeve sets the clipboard down and grumbles with their arms crossed.)

(L.M.T. and tarah take notice of Reeve's behavior, looking up from each of their activities from a nearby couch.)
L.M.T.: (gesturing toward Reeve) They've stalled again.
tarah: (resigned) Yeah, it's awful.

(L.M.T. grabs a pillow and climbs over the back of the couch toward Reeve, who is holding their head and groaning in frustration.)
L.M.T.: (determined) Whatever's caught in their gears, I'm gonna jostle it loose.
tarah: (hesitant) Whoa! Uh, I'll grant you it worked on me once, but--, 2019