Ways to Support Me!

Ways to Support Me

Some of the best free ways to support me are to subscribe to my art/writing through RSS or any webpage with a “follow” feature, to boost/retweet/reblog my artwork, or to circulate it among friends. Positive written feedback also counts as support; I might not always reply, but words of encouragement are always appreciated.

If you’d like to support me financially, I accept donations through these services:

Patreon | itch.io | Ko-fi | Square Cash

Since I have a long history of anxiety problems, please only make unsolicited payments to me as compensation for work I’ve already completed, not as preemptive compensation for work that may happen in the future. I do occasionally take personal commissions, but only after terms and conditions have been discussed in advance; expect a full-color full-body portrait (sans background) to run you $80 American. For this (or any other contract work), email me for details.