Release: Hit The Motherlode (Alpha Version)


With the conclusion of the 1-Bit Clicker Jam, a highly-incomplete version of my new idle game, Hit The Motherlode, is uploaded, patched, and ready to be played! A couple of notes:

– Windows-only, for now. I was initially planning on a simultaneous release on PC, Mac, and Linux, but discovered only at the last minute that I didn’t have the requisite modules in my version of GameMaker Studio. When the final version is ready I’ll pick up GameMaker 2 Desktop, which should allow me to make the full game available for free for just about everyone with a computer.

– As mentioned before – the game is very incomplete (it’s barely even a game at the moment), and has been uploaded in its current state only because I spent three solid weeks on it for a game jam. When the complete version comes out you will most likely have to start over, but I plan to expand what’s there enough to make starting over feel worthwhile.

Future development updates related to this game will be made available on the Tumblr made exclusively for this project: @hitthemotherlode. Enjoy! (^ ~)

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